29 October 2010

In the dark where I belong, 
there I shall find comfort to live peacefully, 
there I shall find love and acceptance. 
To the underworld, 
keeps for the fallen angels, 
the lost souls wonders, 
crying out to an ocean with no horizon. 

There is no ending, 
neither will your scream be heard, 
testament of your strength will be challenged, 
it is coming, 
and it should be, 
nothing but an empty tank at the end of the day.

There will be no tomorrow, 
there shan't be, 
for which you'll resent tomorrow anyway, so does today. 
Pleasing the lord of mercy, 
faithful to your own, 
left drifting through the wind. 
Be in the rain,
 the air that I breathe.

You shan't be found...

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