17 October 2010

Perfect $tranger

I have no interest in fame. It may seem like it's ideally formulated in our culture, popularity begin searching for their prey. Telling people what to like and what not to like, somehow has left the question of why do we even bother, the beautiful imperfection, the bittersweet reality.

Don't get me wrong, fame can be useful in ways one can only imagined. Tainted souls grabs on to fame like their own lives, the importance is beyond repair. Never wanting to let go, do what it takes to top themselves, finally enjoyed the hard-earned attention they desperately needed. While others use it for good, to charity organizations, to the less fortunate. Don't we all need some?

It's not just for us to judge because taste of fame is addictive, the pleasure of living in denial, when fantasy turns into reality, the money and fortune that comes with it, why not right?

I don't hate money, I'm in no position to hate money, even a hippie could use some cash. All I was saying is the truth behind what most people don't see or forget. I was asked once “Aren’t you afraid I might steal your money?” I pulsed for a second, wondered why the question was being asked in the first place, have we loss our defying human decency, to ought to be good, to treat each other with respect anymore?

Surely you must think why am I making it a big deal; I'll tell you if I say I have no absolute certainty that I might be wrong. Then I said “By all means..." Like I've mentioned, I'm no hippie y'know, this is not 1970s, money makes the world go round, I say that apologetically. However, I have to point out what I believe in must not stood in the way of what I've work so hard for. That everyone deserves an A for putting their effort on a project despite being criticized harshly. 
How am I to argue otherwise?

We've all seen Stars consumed in the dark, lost space, trapped. Time will not turn back, don't bother waiting, you are what you are today and as second passes, you are moving forward. If I could tell you how much fame means to me, I'm telling you nothing.

To, not let money get in the way...cheers.

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