28 February 2012

So They Call It Limbo With A Purpose Unknown

(Have you ever dreamt of such vile awful dreams and if god's willing, you wish it'd happened to someone else? Say your worst nightmares. Pun unintended.)

It was dark, it always is. Started with a black projected shadow, they wore cape, black furry one. Cruising around without limps, one could imagined they were from outer space, because something just don't belong. But that was the least of my worries. 

Swiftly I ducked, scared and alone so I shut down. I shut my body system and try to sleep, eager awaiting to flee that black hole. If only I knew what was going on I thought, I closed my eyes to see in the dark. What was the different, evaluating my situation thoroughly before I make any silly decision.

Something flew by and hit my temple, it's of solid object that I am certain. I couldn't move because I was quivering in shock.

Laughter. Clucking noise. Slow claps. Something or someone is walking towards me. I did not see legs earlier so how would it possibly be able to walk towards me. Nothing make sense anymore. Clouded judgement in times of fear, hopeless. I pretended that I was asleep and held my breath, but I was already asleep...