2 December 2013


I run towards the light, it was dazzlingly beautiful, your face was beautiful.
The weather is dense, more so than a typical day.
Checking my cell phone so very often, constantly finding the need to see if your name pops up.
My heart isn't fluttered, it pounds at a surprising normal rate, so I thank god for that.
I'm letting all the fears go, in order to have that moment with you.
Quietly I listen to your heartbeat, my arms was around you.
Like a child, you curled up to me, I don't resist.

I don't mind, good things happen to those who wait.

And if you're worthy, I would not just wait, I will fight for you.

I would die to make you mine...

12 August 2013

For Better, For Worse

Direct my attention to face you, It was the decency of your tone that I knew I was home. A sudden touch solidified our connection, a withered rose decays. A better time there may be, with you around forever and always. 
"Seek comfort in us.." 

12 May 2013


I'm more of a singer than a talker I always tell myself, I could make you fall in love with the song I sing easily, hopefully transport you to another place and make you feel belong. I have experienced it, so naturally I feel I could influence someone else.

Have you ever walked into a room full of people, people you will soon befriends with and felt completely alone? 
You will befriend with them because of your god-given talent to mingle. It requires you to make small talks then into the topics of their choice then so on. That is simple, you pick what they want to discuss and then follow suit. 

Again, it is not that difficult to make new friends, you've done it before. What's agonizing to me is the feeling that comes after that.

The aching soul realizes it limit and it starts to crumble. Even though you are exactly where you should be, you are thousands miles away. Like a invisible giant vacuum suck you right out, place you in another dimension. Suddenly what happened to their dogs that week or what they do for a living isn't important to you anymore. "Is this what I signed up for?" you begin to question. 

I wish I could sing my confinement away one note at the time.

4 March 2013

The Perks of Being a Nobody

Maybe I will never be okay, maybe someday I'll look back to think it was a disconnected and beautiful thing that I was me for a reason and that'd be okay. 

Maybe I was never meant to execute this life well, it's hard to be brief when there are these unresolved, unyielding mixed feelings that just cannot wait to be expressed. You know sometimes when good things happen to you, you feel like maybe you did something right long enough to deserve them. And when something bad happen, you would ask yourself all sort of questions why did it ever happen to you until a point where you just want the nightmare to end. 

See, there are many ways to cheer yourself up but there are millions to pull you down. But tonight, we can be heroes, you'll be my king and I'll be yours. 

9 February 2013

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

There is never a time to think it's perfectly fine to quit something, especially when it is almost like a chore that you mustn't fail to complete. 

But somehow along the way the word got lost, vision of your hopes and what it should be isn't like you dreamed. It is indistinctly familiar, vaguely memorable, then slowly the notion vanishes like it hadn't been there before.

You know the worst of the worst that comes right after, words of encouragement like "A winner never quits, a quitter never wins", "When the going get tough, the tough get going" and "Success is the best revenge"

Correction: "REVENGE is the best revenge"

23 January 2013

Lie with me.
The edge of your empty heart, defeated.
All that you are is lesser in the light of your lies. 

"Fiction, when we're not together
Mistaken for a vision, something of my own creation
I wake up alone, with only daylight between us
Last night the world was beneath us, tonight comes, dear love
Were we torn apart by the break of day?
You're more than I can believe, would ever come my way

Fiction, when we're not together
Mistaken for a vision, something of my own creation
Come real love, why do I refuse you?
Cause if my fear's right, I risk to lose you
And if I just might wake up alone
Bring on the night

Fiction, when we're not together
Mistaken for a vision, something of my own creation
Any certainties, how am I to tell?
I know your face all too well, still I wake up alone

Fiction, when we're not together

You were saying?