17 October 2011

daed sgniht

I'm so low I could do a 10 minute free-fall off the edge of a dime...

Never mind the amount of audacity I had to challenge gods free-will to protect, serve and cater to his faithful believers. The will to live is adjacent to my strength as fragility is too visible to conceal.

Bulletproof, the human body is designed to withstand all sorts of harm, it's designed to conquer and dominate. It heals itself so we could feel better, on the outside to you to everyone.

Unwind a few years back before all creative efforts was derided, there were these few good years I thought I had it good. That somehow neon bright lights, birds chirping, strangers smile was what I needed to get by. 

Things went for the twisted turns when you thought you had life figured out, as though I plunged into the ocean like I couldn't face another day, in this case another breath. Diving deeper seemed to be conclusively attractive. 

As far as one could go, I glared down at me wondered how I got this far how much I had conquered. Dying now proves much effort to stay alive for someone else. 
Who'd that be.