12 May 2013


I'm more of a singer than a talker I always tell myself, I could make you fall in love with the song I sing easily, hopefully transport you to another place and make you feel belong. I have experienced it, so naturally I feel I could influence someone else.

Have you ever walked into a room full of people, people you will soon befriends with and felt completely alone? 
You will befriend with them because of your god-given talent to mingle. It requires you to make small talks then into the topics of their choice then so on. That is simple, you pick what they want to discuss and then follow suit. 

Again, it is not that difficult to make new friends, you've done it before. What's agonizing to me is the feeling that comes after that.

The aching soul realizes it limit and it starts to crumble. Even though you are exactly where you should be, you are thousands miles away. Like a invisible giant vacuum suck you right out, place you in another dimension. Suddenly what happened to their dogs that week or what they do for a living isn't important to you anymore. "Is this what I signed up for?" you begin to question. 

I wish I could sing my confinement away one note at the time.