16 April 2011

Ruination Exchanged For A Rebirth

So troubled I needed to pray for someone else, through sufferings we all have predicaments of what is coming next. Dreams collapsed, the tallest tower tumbled the hardest the higher we built it. 
Why aren't you crying? Once in a while the world stares at each other souls to gain some perspectives, but why don't you sob, grief over the fact that people have lost faith as we have proceeded into the New World. Fluttered anxiety, may be about time to witness the greatest reality episode of our lives - manic devastation of our generation.
It's not so bad is it, ending.

3 April 2011

Just A Little Longer

Wide open space,
Between the trees and me,
Emptiness and me,
Confusion and decisions,
Feelings hard to define,
And I say to myself,
Just a little longer,

Coldness seeps
Its way in,
I am falling deeper,
Into what I fear most,
As I reach out,
There is nothing there,
As possible there was something once,
Only to be gone,
And I say to myself,
Just a little longer,  

Shimmering in the darkness,
I see two moons,
Reflecting off a stream of thoughts,
Ongoing forever more,
Along a rocky road,
Slowly giving in to finding a way out,
I take the plunge under the river,
Then the wind carries a whisper,
Gently on a breeze,
Just a little longer...
There's a place call home, waiting.