21 February 2011

Pliable Sheet of Tissue

The more I try to learn about myself, more unpleasant things seem to surface. It's true there are lunatics regard technology as religion, need to stay in touch, need to be on-the-go, need to express your mind on-the-go.

We stored so much information in our brains that it is so easy to save it on our gadgets as 'part' of our memory reliance. Carry personal identification numbers, private messages and passwords, Al Qaeda's code, all under the control of your fingers. The next step might just be Microchip implant that we could all inject into our skin.

Don't be surprise when Lucifer show up after we did, greet us with his sinister smile, as though he knew his plan would work, because human being are NEVER satisfied. No matter how fast we choose to walk, we will never slow down until we die. And that sounds pretty that I wonder how did people survive the 70s?

I hope I satisfy my fellow depressed souls.

13 February 2011


I wrote this in the dark, for the dark.

When craving stops, he left you in peace
I wonder if he ever cares
Gawk at the shadow that never returned
I slit my wrist, hoped for better tomorrow
But tomorrow never comes.

2 February 2011


You think it'll be the same without you right.

You broke my heart once, you can break it once more which you did. The thought of you not being there just freak me out, it sadden me what you can do. So insecure, so drunk, anguish make pretty. You are not making this easy to me.

I wish no matter where you are, you will remember the family you once had, It's just not the same without you.

Wish you were here.