30 December 2010

Lets hear the Light

I know I'm sad, I'm colorful too
Even in places where light is forbidden, in some crazy bizarre weird sorta surreal way, a ray of a dimmest light always survived through, thinking of that image in my head just makes me smile. But not for long, imagination.

7 December 2010

Grace To The Strong

The Golden Calf

We are all alone in our own separate ways, so singularity make peace with it, adventure on our own. Ruled by digital age, none can be assure that he or she is happy, even for the blessed. 
Even for the blessed.

Loneliness seems dreadful when you least expected it, though it is true when you believe in your company.

I'll forgive your ignorance, for what I have done you would never understand. You shall be excluded, gracefully excelled off the game. You are not needed here, nor is your tendency to think otherwise.

Bring light to the weak, dark twisted fate, let my dearest dear be awaken. Reach beneath what you seek and let it sink in, deep down will you find peace and harmony. 

For the material of a designer is creativity, and that of statuary bronze, so the subject matter of the art of living is each person's own life.