30 March 2011

You know

That feeling when you are on the verge of getting something but you are not sure if you are going to get it eventually. Just maybe you will, the depressing thoughts haunt you again and again and you think you might just lose it and then you start to question the Whys and Why am I not good enough to be stronger than frail. 
I feel sick.

6 March 2011

Dying Fire

The sun is shining but it's so far away.

Substantial theory's keep telling that your world will not come tumbling down into a spiraling mess, you know it too well. How easy would It be when you lick your bloody wound, and thought maybe you would feel lesser pain in a minute or two. Wondering, yes the pain may subside and so will your feelings, yet another feeling emanate so you could stay in love with sorrow.

For a little while, but less touchy warmth.