24 October 2010

Tearing Him Away

Free from restraint, nothing to lose is equivalent to numbness, given the leaving of power one can offer. What is another passage to the heaven gateway, the last open closed door, the metaphorical devil that prevent us from soaring. 

The quicksand is heavier than I thought, denser with every steps I take, as I inhale another breath of air, I exhale another inch of despair, like my wings on me has lost its purpose. I know it'd be about time, where everyone has to go back to where they came from, where life takes place in the memories of the living, in the heart of death. 

Suggestion can no longer fit this much I know, I feel it in my guts with each step I take, I sink deeper. You'll see me struggle, but that will be useless because all you can do is watch, intriguing enough, death seems harmless. I am the power to let power go, I'm clearer now, the past will be my future, like I've never been born, like I'm still under the devoted care and love from my mother.

What I thought I might have, has no control over what I don't know. The sun is setting, this however lost it's sparks in amusement, we cannot alter the way we feel anymore, the decision is gone, it changed everything, for the least, for the best.
I know it first hand because what I know this is not what I chose to learn again, acquaintances wear masks, disguise in a form of discretion. Believing in what not to believe, present themselves in a world full of anxiety, endless uncertainty. 

The cloud darkened, the cycle continues as the storm arrived, better days will disappear in front of you, blowing at all direction.

How it is not worth saving?

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