19 October 2010


  1. The act of isolating or the condition of being isolated
  2. The quality or condition of being isolated. 

My beginning of wonderment, into the Galaxy far far away, enough to look down upon earth gratefully, but close enough to know that I am, still tie down by obligation. Obligation, the solid confinement that one was given from the day he was born. Overcome such duties are not exchangeable, nor can be simply ignore. 

Fundamentally, we are all suffering, whether you like it or not, life is selfish, it's like watching Avatar, everything intertwined so closely that sometimes we couldn't fathom.

Life is great, life is coincidences coming together to piece the puzzle which everything will eventually form a gigantic picture of truth, the nature of truth, the defining truth. The way we handle truth, however deter how we suppose to not think about because the nature of it, none of us can really accept. We live in a world of tolerance and harmony; it can be genuine if you believe so. 

I don't hate truth, truth is what we need, so does obligation. These make us human as we are smart and dumb, good and evil at the same time. It's hard to tell because your peace of mind is always twirling in between an arguments, distracted.

On the other hand, where the freedom of expression, the state of seclusion and isolation is almost seductive. Edgeless border keeping us from knowing what will it be like to have your own mind, the one which I long for; the ideal world in desertion which is safe from everyone else. Imagine a world with you and I kept safe in a jar, not knowing what is outside, the curiosity builds yet all you wanted is to be happy, because soon you'll detect the feeling of chaos when you try to find out.

Like the Galaxy where there's zero gravity, your brain has no control but to surrender to higher authority, the mysterious planets being and the unknown. True contentment and understanding of what you have tried to be, to love you first and you only...

"i find the safe
hidden in the corner

my isolation
loneliness grows

they don't even know
that I exist..."

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