10 October 2010


At what point of backstabbing worth the awakening of truth? 

I asked myself that question for many times on repeat, I figured no one really knows. 
The straight forward way to tell someone how you feel is being truthful, the devotional kind of pouring your heart out, trusting the other person. 
It may be your dearest friends, close family members, it cannot stray away from the fact you trust them enough not to tell others.

However, when do we stop, though? 
Where is the "How to stop yourself from backstabbing for idiots" when we need one?

I believe when the conscious is clear, you have facts to back you up, hence you don't have to feel sentimental about telling on people, NO WAY! Then again, the moral dilemma beg to differ, Angel in disguise, saying no to talking shits behind people's back; this will guide you towards the path of injustice, disruption, chaos and the end of equality.

The theory is simple, you back-stabbed someone, but you are close enough to tell that someone you talk shit regardless how that someone feels, you told anyway. The point is what if you're talking shit because you care, the need to express your view overtakes your moral dignity, and do you still do it?

No one feels like they are having fun unless they hate the person that much, to chose between your sanity and the worth talking about shits, is it worth your time, or does it not?

Whatever it has become, the sense of satisfaction mixed guilt is priceless, I'm just saying.

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