11 November 2010


My thoughts are screamingly loud; like I couldn't turn my attention away from it. For whatever reason I have, I didn't. 

And just thought, maybe for a second I can return safely to where I used to be, it then hit me that it was okay to linger.
It's okay to stay. I'm welcome anyway.

I can't tell where I'm about to go, nor distinct the place where I have been. They all look so familiar I swear I have seen it before.

Mother says I'm dreaming all my life, perhaps. 
Mother says I'm stupid all my life, perhaps. 
Mother says I'm born this way, that I can't change my fate.
Mother says I'll protect her with my life.
She says I'll live to see tomorrow
She says I'll see the change in humanity, therefore discrimination, prejudice and agony shall be history, forever.

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