31 March 2014

Heart That Doesn't Look Back

Remember it as though it was yesterday, neglected like a forsaken memory.

I cling on to hope, fighting for the last shred of dignity that somehow it might change you.
Circumstances might deceived you, fooled you, trampled and tarnished you even, where there lie despair, there is also redemption. Circumstances may lead you astray, bruised and wounded but I'm always going to be there to pick you up.

This is not a drill of happiness, this is the last time I'm giving you my all. For you to understand that it wasn't a show that I merely 'performed', I left my heart and soul up on that stage. 

The idea is simple and easy to wrap around actually, I never see that coming until it did. I put your priority on top of mine and it wasn't even the best part. The best part of it all is that I have fallen too deep it seems, with my heart in your hand I relinquish all control.

Bury myself with work, I let time have me wholeheartedly. Unassumingly, I tip toe away, so you won't have to say, never wanting to let you down while I watch you from afar now.

I'm passive, that's a strength I treasured. I'm passive, that's a weakness you've exposed.
The funny thing is that I still think of you when I hear love songs playing... until I don't anymore.

"One tiny comfort at a time.."

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