16 February 2014

Patient Zero

Have you ever wondered when is the best time to let someone go? 
Do you write it down on a note, wake up one morning and decide to do it? Or do you wait with patience or without, surviving base on the slow-burned endurance until you are left with none?

It's a privilege to see through other people's intention before passing the judgement yourself. Be it kind or despicably foul they might be, something never change- Motive.

A similar pattern of someone's personality trait can never be easily altered, let alone their appearance. Something always end up reveling itself...somehow. Trust me, it's a hustle to put up an appearance especially when you're covering one facet with another. 

The point I was going to make is that none of us can be as consistent as one would think. It always takes that one temptation to break us, why do you think we have the word 'alcohol'.

Of course, some takes it more often than other people which could lead them to irreversible consequences. But with the right people by your side who looks after you, sometimes you will be fine. 

You want to avoid heading towards the deep end. You want to protect what is most valuable to you. You want to keep a certain promise and live the bloody up to it. You want to be able to come home at night and have him say: "you did great today, you've work hard, come here.."

Devastation, you want to stop worrying about all this and not go completely bonkers.
Either you tell yourself the good or bad news, it's a deal made between you and the Absolute Being.

Go figure, because he is watching.

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