2 October 2012

Selection Last

I could hear an underwhelming soundtrack playing in the background, everywhere I looked every person I speak to I could hear it. 

You know sometimes when you're having these casual unexpected conversation with a friend, in between sentences you tried to make a point after he/she has just did. Wanting it badly, you say something dumb, just so it could end and both of you could get on back with your lives.

Imagine in between those silent moments, if you awkwardly decided that you wanted to end the conversation anyway by saying nothing. The background music would have been soothing, easy or even cheerful. 

But if your comebacks are jokes that makes the conversation less appalling to chew on, the soundtrack would be a serious, intense and depressing. Which you always do so you could laugh at your expense in order to end that dreadful conversation. 

...or you can just push people away. Relief. 

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