6 May 2012


I miss you, because.
A sheep could never prey on a lion, because.
Fear is like a ghostly scratch with bruise, because.
Sleeping is an aching hobby, because.
Loving is emptiness, because.
Being torture in slow motion, because.
Pleasing is teasing in hollowness, because.
Human spirit are indestructible but easily corruptible, because.
Desert is only pixie dust dry land without an ounce of teardrop, because.
Thou shall die and stay a dead man, because.
You will never notice me, because.
People die, because.
Answer is never complete without a question, because.
Doubt is a luxury for the rich and famous, because.
The sky isn't the limit (sorry kids), because.
Lucid dream is subconscious filled with real memories, because.

reality is more different..

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